Tattoo Removal Options – IPL

IPL can also be used for Tattoo Removal

IPL can also be used for Tattoo Removal

Although tattoo removal is not high on the list of researchers looking for ways to improve the human condition, there are at least three high tech methods of tattoo removal including Laser, Skin Seeding and IPL.

Pioneered by Dr. Patrick Bitter, IPL tattoo removal is becoming a popular method of tattoo removal among Dermatologists and skin care professionals. IPL emits high intensity light pulses (not lasers) to penetrate the skin and do away with tattoo pigment. As a result of this process there may be some scarring involved along with dark or light spots on the skin depending on the skin color of the patient. In many cases the light or dark spots fade with time.

IPL therapy is not the same as laser therapy. IPL sends short bursts of intense light through a prism into the skin and causes the tattoo pigment to break up and be absorbed by the body. It is said the farther from the heart the tattoo is the longer the healing process when using IPL to remove a tattoo.
Light skinned people of European descent with dry, non-oily skin make the best candidates for ipl. Dark skinned nationalities have a higher chance of hypopigmentation of the treated area.

The average professional tattoo requires 5 or more treatments with dark pigmented tattoo requiring the most number of treatments. The treated area swells and turns a pale color immediately following treatment, but the swelling subsides quickly followed by blistering and scab formation. Skin tones return to normal after about two weeks and the treated area should be protected from the suns’ rays for six weeks following the treatment.

Overall IPL is very safe with less than a 2% chance of scarring or pigmentation change.

IPL is new and has yet to reach its full potential.  If high tech methods are to expensive for you at this time Nuviderm offers an effective and affordable method of tattoo removal as evidenced by this testimonial:

November 8, 2008
Just wanted to drop a line to let the staff know that I’m into my 4th or 5th treatment on all five of my small tattoos, and Nuviderm is working great! I could not be happier. I regret ALL of my ugly lapses of judgment and thought I would have to spend thousands on laser removal. Obviously, not true. One of the ones on my chest is almost completely gone, and the others have significantly faded or broken apart thanks to Nuviderm. Thank you sooo very much, I am a complete believer!!! Regret getting my tattoos, but do not regret taking a chance with your Nuviderm tattoo removal system.
Martha H.

Try Nuviderm, it works.

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