Nuviderm Tattoo Removal Reviews – Tattoo Removal Options


Having a tattoo injected into your body is a very serious decision since the tattoo will most likely remain in your body forever. On the flip side, deciding to remove a tattoo can be more serious because it can be painful and significantly more expensive than getting the tattoo in the first place, especially if the chosen method of removal is laser. Also, while it may have only taken an hour to put on, it will take months to remove.

Tattoo removal options including laser and excision are not what anyone would call a low cost tattoo removal. One of the most popular and certainly the least expensive methods is to use a tattoo removal treatment such as Nuviderm. A topical tattoo remover such as Nuviderm has become significantly more popular each year of the past decade and is now catching up with laser treatment in terms of usage. The main reason more and more people are deciding to use TCA tattoo removal is very simple: cost and effectiveness.

While laser treatments are effective on dark colors such as black, dark blue and other dark colors, they have a difficult time removing light colored tattoo pigment such as light blue, light green, yellow, pink and white. The light-colored tattoo pigments require more treatments and therefore increase the tattoo removal cost. Also tattoo removal treatments are considered an optional cosmetic procedure by insurance companies and therefore they do not cover the cost of tattoo removal.

A topical tattoo remover in the form of a cream is also an option, although some creams are somewhat effective, others have little or no effect on tattoo pigment in the second layer of skin because they do not have any ingredient in their composition that is capable of penetrating the skin to the depth of the tattoo pigment. An exception is a tattoo removal cream that is used in combination with exfoliation.

That being said, there is still a problem among the removal cream manufacturers of not having a guarantee, having a guarantee that is highly restricted or not honoring the guarantee offered. If for some reason the customer is not satisfied with the product it can be a roll of the dice as to whether they will receive a refund even if they follow the terms set forth by the manufacturer.

In the home tattoo removal industry Nuviderm is unsurpassed for customer service, both before and  after the sale. We also honor our 6  month guarantee without question.

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