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Nuviderm Low Cost Tattoo Removal

May 1, 2010

Tattoo removal is a lengthy process, don’t believe anyone who says otherwise. How could something meant to be permanent be easily removed? Even state of the art Lasers require several expensive and painful sessions with no guarantee of satisfaction which is why Laser clinics offer no money back guarantees.

Tattoo removal cream, on the other hand, offers a simple, pain free form of tattoo removal except for one thing – the effectiveness of a tattoo removal cream product is very “iffy” . They contain nothing more than a variety of skin pigment lightening products that may actually lighten the top layer of skin covering the tattoo by removing or inhibiting the production of melanin, the chemical in the skin that determines a persons skin color, but by themselves they don’t lighten or remove tattoo ink.

Skin lightening chemicals most commonly found in tattoo removal cream includes hydroquinone, a suspected carcinogen banned in many Asian and European countries, alpha arbutin, kojic acid and bearberry extract. There is absolutely no medical evidence that any of these skin tone lightening chemicals have any effect whatsoever on tattoo ink. The best proof that they don’t work is the fact that not one tattoo removal cream manufacturer offers a real – no fine print exceptions – money back guarantee without major loop holes and difficult to meet restrictions except for one, and they only accept returns within 30 days that have not been opened, require a Return Authorization number that can never be acquired and require that the returned package be insured by the sender. Fail to meet any of these stringent requirements and they keep your money. For all intents and purposes their so called “guarantee” is just a marketing ploy to try and reassure potential buyers of a risk free purchase when in reality no money will ever be returned.

The truth is, removing a tattoo is a lengthy process that requires patience, care and determination.The main difference in tattoo removal options that actually work is the cost. One ounce of TCA contains the tattoo removal power of about $750.00 worth of Laser treatments and requires about the same amount of time. Put another way, Laser removal costs about 20 times the cost of TCA for an equivalent size tattoo. TCA, when applied as directed, will also be much less painful than the laser procedure.

One weakness of laser removal of tattoos is the color of ink used in the tattoo. Laser destruction of tattoo pigment is limited by the wavelength of the laser in use. Many bright colors of tattoo ink such as white, yellow, pink, light blue and light green are simply not easily treatable by laser.

In fact, using Nuviderm tattoo removal will aid the process of laser removal, if used first, because it will fade the tattoo making the job of the Laser much easier and less painful – less tattoo pigment means fewer Laser treatments and less pain because the faded tattoo pigment results in a less harsh effect on the skin by the Laser beam. Or, you could just finish the job with TCA and not even to go near a Laser clinic saving you the time, hassle and the expense of driving to and from a probably inconvenient Laser clinic location.

If you are looking  for a low cost tattoo removal product with a 6 month guarantee, next day shipping (except on weekends), an 800 toll free customer service line and is an effective alternative to laser tattoo removal then Nuviderm is your answer.