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Home Tattoo Removal – With a Black & Decker Sander?

June 27, 2010

I realize that a lot of people are looking for efficient tattoo removal methods, but this takes the cake. Going for a laser treatment may be expensive, but surely there are far better solutions than powering up your sander and using it on your tattoo, right?

Here is a crazy video showing exactly the kind of home tattoo removal technique I’m talking about.  Watch carefully as the “patient” lies down on a mat while the tattoo removal “specialist” goes to work on him with a sander.  That’s a power tool, for Pete’s sakes! (Click here to watch the video)

I just want to remind everyone that we are in no way endorsing this method of home tattoo removal for anyone. I am not sure if this video is a prank or they really used a power sander to get that tattoo off, but like I said, it’s a crazy thing to do and don’t try that at home or anywhere else. Can you imagine the infection and the scars that will surely result from using a power sander to remove your tattoo? Totally unbelievable, and I don’t know what in the world they were thinking.

If you want an efficient and affordable method for removing your tattoo, there are other ways to do it; plus it’s a lot safer. You can either go for laser tattoo removal, since that’s the standard nowadays, or opt for using a tattoo removal cream like Nuviderm. Now, I won’t lie to you and say that laser tattoo removal is not the best option out there, because to be perfectly honest, there are a lot of people that’s satisfied with the results.

However, there are at least three advantages of using a tattoo removal cream like Nuviderm to remove your tattoo. It’s easy to apply, it’s affordable, and it works.

Now, you might understand why tattoo removal creams are easier to use and apply than laser. After all, you don’t have to be a licensed surgeon to use it in your own home. There are no complicated devices and you don’t have to pick out which laser to use for what color. As you might know, laser tattoo removal is a complicated process because different colors of the tattoo need to be removed by different lasers.

Aside from being easier to apply, tattoo removal creams are a lot more affordable than going for laser tattoo removal. “How affordable?”, you might ask. Well, let’s take Nuviderm as an example. Just one ounce of Nuviderm is enough to remove or extremely fade a 3”x3” sized tattoo. A 1-oz. bottle of Nuviderm costs around $40.00. Compare that to just one session of laser tattoo removal, where you can expect to pay at least $100 for removing a small, black tattoo about the same size. That’s already a $60.00 savings right there! And when you consider that removing even a small tattoo requires at least three sessions, you’ll be spending around $300 just for removing that one small tattoo!

You really have to think about the options that are available to you first, before you go and try something like the video I shared with you earlier. That’s an extremely painful and dangerous method of removing a tattoo, and even if you want a cheaper solution to laser tattoo removal, using a power sander is just not the way to go.


Tattoo Removal Review – New Technology

January 25, 2010
New, easy to remove tattoo ink

Tattoo Removal Review - Easier Tattoo Removal

It is estimated that more than 45 million Americans have at least 1 tattoo. Recent polling indicates that approximately 50% of all men and women under the age of 25 have a tattoo, but about 20% of all people with a tattoo regret getting it and are looking for a form of tattoo removal.

Laser technology has made significant advances in recent years, but it still requires several visits and hundreds to thousands of dollars to remove a tattoo via laser, depending on the size and colors used in the design. Nuviderm has never made a secret of the fact that we always recommend laser removal if it is within your budget and we, of coarse, recommend Nuviderm if Laser is to expensive.

If you read our blog with any regularity you will also know that we constantly warn against using so called tattoo removal creams because they don’t work, cost to much for what you get (soft skin where you apply it) and tattoo cream manufacturer warranties are either non existent or so full of loop holes as to be worthless. Tattoo removal creams are nothing more than a basic cosmetic with skin pigment fading chemicals included to fade the skin above the tattoo, but not the tattoo itself.


Well, help is on the way although the pace may be a bit slow. A company called Freedom2Ink has been working on developing a new form of tattoo ink that requires about one half  the number of laser treatments for complete ink clearance.  They call this new tattoo pigment technology Particle Encapsulation and Enhancement (P2E) . Basically, the ink is encapsulated in small spheres that can be placed under the skin with  currently used tattoo equipment. The only difference is the ease with which it can be removed using current laser technology .

The bad news – after 10 years of development they have only perfected this technology using a biodegradable black pigment. Apparently  the the material used to make the encapsulating spheres is not compatible with currently used pigments and carriers so they estimate it will be several more years before they have a full color line available for use by the general tattoo loving public.

How It Works

The basic idea behind this product is that the biodegradable ink is micro-encapsulated in a plastic polymer bead. When the the laser strikes the bead it cracks open and the ink is released into the dermis where the tattoo resides and as a consequence of the release the body’s own natural immune system will help breakdown and dispose of the ink. The bead itself is hypoallergenic and will cause no allergic reaction or side effect.

Current tattoo pigments are not biodegradable, as seen here, which requires that they be repeatedly blasted by a laser over a much longer period of time in order to achieve maximum clearance. Many of the currently used pigments, the lighter colors in particular, are very difficult to remove and complete clearance using laser is impossible for many colors.

That is where Nuviderm has an advantage over current laser technology. Because Nuviderm is based on a medium strength cosmetic acid it removes all colors with equal efficiency, color makes no difference.

New Ink Specifics

  • Aftercare should be managed the same way, no special care is needed beyond what it normally done with current ink pigments tattoos.
  • Freedom2Ink is a premium ink and will therefore cost significantly more. This price will be passed on the the consumer.
  • The ink will be packaged in 5 ml bottles (1/6 ounce).
  • Tattoo removal costs using laser will be reduced by up to 50%
  • It is permanent yet removable
  • Colors claimed to be made from the highest quality FDA approved USP grade ingredients.

The Nuviderm Blog

Unlike other at home tattoo removal products, Nuviderm is concerned as much about new developments in tattoo removal as we are in selling our own product. I you go through our blog entries you will see several entries about new technologies on the horizon as well as what to avoid when purchasing a home use tattoo removal product. We are constantly researching new ways to improve tattoo removal techniques and report on these new technologies to our readers.

How many of our competitors encourage the use of other products when they know a better method of tattoo removal exists? None.

Nuviderm has alway encouraged the use of laser removal as the gold standard for tattoo removal. Unfortunately most people with tattoo regret cannot afford to use laser,  in which case we recommend Nuviderm.

When researching tattoo removal logon to, or for the latest in unbiased coverage of technological advances in tattoo removal.

We also blog about many strange or humorous tattoo related subjects,  unscrupulous tattoo removal products and manufactures and, of course, the benefits of using Nuviderm tattoo removal.

So, logon from time to time and catch up on the happenings in the world of tattoos and tattoo removal and remember, Nuviderm works.

Nuviderm Review-

June 16, 2008
You guys are wonderful! I can see significant fading after my 5th treatment. I think it will be gone
before my wedding date next October.
Thank you Nuviderm,

Sissy D.
Birmingham, Al

Nuviderm Review – Customer Complaint

January 14, 2010
Smiling customer service rep

At Nuviderm we do our best to handle complaints

Who can you trust when looking for a reputable company that sells an effective tattoo removal product? Unfortunately there is no rating system for all the different types of tattoo removal products and procedures and no ranking system on which company says what they mean, means what they say, honors their refund policy (if they have one), and in general treats their customers with courtesy, honesty and respect.

A good place to research all tattoo removal companies, their product effectiveness and  guarantees offered  is to monitor forums and read the essential parts of the company websites you are considering buying from.

Now, no company is going to please 100% of their customers because, human nature being what it is, it’s darn near impossible to please everyone, mistakes are made, and some people are just difficult to deal with no matter what the circumstances.

Tattoo removal is a slow process so Nuviderm Tattoo Removal offers a 6 month money back guarantee. This gives their customers enough time to see results.  They can determine if  the product is actually working to do what they want –  fade the tattoo enough for a cover up,  prefade before using laser to save money on fewer laser treatments or to continue with Nuviderm until the tattoo has completely disappeared.

According to Jonathan Scott, a retired tattoo artist and expert on tattoo removal products and techniques who currently consults for Nuviderm,  even though Nuviderm was the first home tattoo removal product to offer a 6 month guarantee, (much to the chagrin of their competitors)  they still occasionally receive complaints that the  time period is not long enough. Never mind that just about every other tattoo product on the market either has no guarantee, a 30 day guarantee or a so called guarantee that is so full of loop holes favoring the manufacturer that the effect is to have no guarantee at all.

Scott went on to say that any tattoo removal product that truly works will show results  within six months. Any tattoo removal product, especially the creams, which only offer 30 days are not being honest with the public. He noted that, in his opinion, there is no tattoo removal cream on the market that can actually remove a tattoo. He says they market to people uneducated in the ingredients needed to remove a tattoo and the time it takes to show results. Modern tattoo pigments and the depth they are deposited in the skin make a 30 day guarantee impossibly short. In his opinion it shows the manufacturer knows their product won’t work and reduces the chance they will actually refund any money.

Scott also emphasized that rubbing a cream onto a tattoo does nothing but give temporary peace of mind to the person using the product and fatten the bank account of the company manufacturing and selling the product. One such company with a short guarantee specializes in convincing phone in customers they have not given the product enough time to work and that they should buy another 1 or 2 month supply, not reminding them that the warranty period for all subsequent purchases began with the original purchase. By the time the customer realizes they have made no progress the warranty period is no longer in effect, in essence they have been had.

“At least we give our customers plenty of time to make a determination as to whether our product works for them or not”, he said.

He explained that skin pH effects the performance of Nuviderm. Customers with a higher than normal skin pH do not see the quality of results as someone whose skin pH is normal or a bit lower than average. Fortunately most people fall into the latter category and have no problem seeing results within the warranty period. This is borne out from the relatively low return rate of about 8% of all customers.

Tattoo removal, whatever the method used, is a time consuming process that requires patience and diligence.

Nuviderm Tattoo Removal – Useful Tips

January 5, 2010
Nuviderm tattoo removal helpful_tips banner

Nuviderm tattoo removal helpful tips

Nuviderm Tattoo Removal is a liquid concentrate of a tattoo removal product that must be diluted, it should not be used straight out of the bottle. With each purchase is a precise set of instructions that explains the dilution process and how to tell when you have found the proper strength for you skin type.

Since Nuviderm home tattoo removal is a liquid it can drip or run from the area of the tattoo once it has been applied to the skin. One way to prevent “runners” is to apply a “barrier” around the area to be treated using a product such as Vaseline or any other skin lotion that covers the skin and will have a repelling effect so that any runners do not come in to contact with the skin.

Here’s an example. Say you have a tattoo on your arm between your elbow and your shoulder and you are sitting or standing when you apply Nuviderm to the tattoo you want to remove. There is a good chance the Nuviderm solution you apply will try to run down your arm. To prevent the Nuviderm solution from coming into contact with skin below the tattoo, apply the Vaseline or skin lotion below the tattoo in about a 2 inch wide swath which will protect the skin and prevent it from being affected in the removal process.

If you are removing a tattoo on your back or other location that requires that you lay on the floor or a bed while someone else applies the Nuviderm solution, have them completely encircle the tattoo with the Vaseline or lotion making sure they stay at least a quarter inch outside the area to be treated. If the Vaseline or lotion gets into the area to be treated it will prevent Nuviderm from having the desired effect on the tattoo, so be careful when applying the barrier coat.

Once the Nuviderm has had the desired effect as described in the directions, apply a previously mixed solution of baking soda and water to the treated area to instantly neutralize the Nuviderm solution. The baking soda solution should not be so thick that it is difficult to apply, but not so thin that it runs off the treated area, it needs to stay where you place it. Leave the mixture on for 2 or 3 minutes and rinse or wipe off. The baking soda mixture will be very soothing and ensure an even depth for the tattoo removal treatment.

Nuviderm is a cosmetic acid used hundreds of times every day by Doctors, health spas and individuals for various cosmetic reasons. It is also used to remove warts, stretch marks and other medically related treatments, sometimes in a Doctors office and sometimes as an at home remedy.

Even though the active ingredient in Nuviderm does not require a prescription it is always prudent to read and follow instructions carefully. If the instructions are not clear and easy  to understand, call or email for clarification. Any product powerful enough to remove tattoo ink should be taken seriously.

Nuviderm works and has a 92% satisfaction rate and a tattoo removal cost that is one of the lowest of all tattoo removal options. It has a track record and can be trusted to issue a refund to anyone dissatisfied with the product for whatever reason as long as they follow the easy to read and understand  refund instructions listed under the Guarantee tab of the website navigation links.

Trust Nuviderm – it works.

New Tattoo Removal Product?

November 19, 2009
New and Improved Tattoo Removal Product

New and Improved Tattoo Removal Product

Invention and innovation – also known as progress, has been somewhat lacking in the field of at home tattoo removal, but we hear rumors of a new tattoo removal product in the works that will set a new standard for the industry.

Rumored to be a cream, this new product actually penetrates through the epidermis to the dermis where tattoo pigment lives and actually “pulls” the pigment out. Unlike other creams on the market today, it is not a skin pigment fade cream masquerading as a tattoo removal cream. This new product reportedly removes tattoo pigment without effecting skin pigment.

Also, it is able to be used on tattoos as young as 30 days old allowing those suffering from next day tattoo regret the ability to start the removal process much sooner than any other product currently on the market.

Hopefully this new product will prove to be as effective as we’ve heard. We will definitely keep you apprised of new information as it becomes available.

Until this new product is ready for the growing tattoo removal market use Nuviderm. There is no perfect tattoo remover, they all have their drawbacks – some admit their imperfections and others lie. Nuviderm may not be perfect, but at the current time the only alternatives are laser, which is costly, painful and includes the chance of scarring. The other most popular alternative is the  variety of creams that promise no pain, no scarring… no problems !! They neglect to tell you they don’t remove tattoo pigment. Some give the illusion of working by including a dermabrasion device  with the product, but a dermabrasion device could be used with water and achieve the same results. Don’t let their marketing fool you.

It is best not to get a tattoo unless you know for sure it is something you will want to live with the rest of your life.

Nuviderm is a cosmetic acid known as TCA. Used properly it will remove most tattoos. If you don’t like the results you can return the unused portion of the product for a refund within 6 months of the original purchase.

Nuviderm Reviews – Tattoo Pigment Allergies

August 27, 2009
Nuviderm reviews allergies to tattoo pigments

Nuviderm reviews allergies to tattoo pigments

Inflammatory reactions sometimes result from the tissue injury that is necessary for the formation of a tattoo when the pigment is injected into the selected location for the body art. The inflammation  usually recedes without further incident within 2 – 3 weeks and is an expected reaction of your bodys’ immune system to the tattooing process.

Once the initial immune system response has settled down , the most frequent reaction observed  is an allergic sensitivity to one of the pigments used in the formation of the tattoo. These reactions evolve in many different ways and include granulomas, which are a ball-like collection of immune cells which form when the immune system attempts to wall off substances that it perceives as foreign but is unable to eliminate. Spongiotic dermatitis which causes itching and redness on the skin. The  cause is related to allergic reactions to pigments used in the tattoo. Another sign of  allergic sensitivity is Lichen planus,  an abnormal immune reaction provoked by a viral infection or sensitivity to a specific tattoo pigment. Inflammatory cells seem to mistake the skin cells as foreign and attack them.

Usually, allergic reactions to a tattoo pigment are contact dermatitis and photoallergic dermatitis, meaning a sensitivity to artificial and natural light, but most commonly to natural sunlight.

Allergic reactions to red tattoo pigments are the most common and may be caused by a variety of pigments, especially mercury sulfide. Alternative red vegetable dyes have been developed because of the problems associated with red tattoo pigment containing mercury; however, red tattoo reactions continue to be reported although with much less frequency.

Light sensitivity is commonly caused by yellow (cadmium sulfide) tattoo pigment. Swelling and redness may develop with exposure to sunlight. Although the reason is not clear, cadmium sulfide is the light-sensitive material used in photoelectric cells; therefore, the reaction is believed to be phototoxic. Red tattoos are sometimes associated with light sensitivity because of trace amounts of cadmium added to brighten the red pigment.

Pigments used to create green, blue, and black tattoos are much less common.

Blue tattoos that contain cobalt sometimes experience allergic  reactions which can rarely develop into inflammation of the middle layer of the eye called uveitis. Uveitis is a condition that can be treated with steroid eye drops, tablets or injections.

So, aside from tattoo regret, whatever the cause, allergic reactions to tattoo pigment should be taken into consideration when getting a tattoo. Always ask about pigment ingredients and only use the services of clean, reputable tattoo shops and artists.

If you decide it’s time for a removal be sure to consider Nuviderm, the easy, effective and affordable alternative to laser tattoo removal.


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Nuviderm Tattoo Remover, Laser and You

August 24, 2009

When getting a tattoo some people don’t understand that they are doing something that will be a permanent addition to  their body. It could be a long planned addition, something done on the spur of the moment,( like after a few to many drinks), or due to peer pressure from your devoted friends.

What ever the reason, it’s there for good, or at least until you decide to get rid of it and that’s when you find out how the word permanent applies to a tattoo. It means it damned hard to remove the thing. That once cherished piece of body art is deep in the skin, flesh actually, and won’t be budged without a fight.

Tattoos are very territorial, like your neighbors’ pit bull, it doesn’t want any thing invading its space and it can put up a pretty nasty fight to hold its ground.

Using sweet talk and a handful of tattoo fade cream won’t work any better than sweet talk and dog biscuit will get that bulldog to keep from biting the crap out of you just because your intentions are good and you’re a nice person. To the bulldog and the tattoo you’re the  trespasser, a stranger to be dealt with harshly if necessary.

Give that dog a biscuit every day and he’ll gladly eat it,  he may even pretend to be lulled into a passive state, but hop the fence and he’ll still bite the crap out of you. That’s sort of the way a tattoo removal/gel works. It fades the skin pigment above the tattoo and you think “wow, this stuff really works!”.

Three months and $250.00 later (the bite) you’ve got a light spot on your skin and the tattoo is still staring up at you, unchanged, unmoved and unimpressed. But, the good thing is your skin is totally unaffected – soft, smooth and unscarred. Unfortunately most tattoo removal cream companies, like pitbulls,  offer no refunds – a total waste money and dog biscuits.

To get rid of the dog and the tattoo you’ve got to get rough, there is no way around it. No matter how hard you wish, how many coins you toss in the local fountain, that tattoo ain’t goin nowhere until you start cooking (laser) or peeling (Nuviderm).

The ink is there and it must be forcibly removed and in the process your skin will be heated, blistered, made dry and flaky, possibly blistered, maybe hurt like hell, possibly scar and for all this you get to pay several hundred, maybe a thousand or two dollars. It’s call laser tattoo removal.

…Or you can forcibly remove that tattoo and in the process your skin may slightly and temporarily burn, made dry and flaky, possibly itch, maybe scab and if you don’t follow directions it could possibly leave a scar all for less than $40.00 for a 3″x3″ tattoo. It’s called Nuviderm.

One ounce of Nuviderm has the ink removing power of up to $1000.00 of  laser treatments. If  you can’t handle Nuviderm you sure as heck can’t handle laser.

To continue with the dog analogy, Nuviderm is like a Lab – it’ll treat you right as long as you read and follow instructions and don’t abuse its tattoo removal power, dilute the concentrate before using, it’s in the instructions. Laser is like a bulldog on a chain, straining to bust lose and attack in the only way it knows – with a ferocity you will not like.


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Nuviderm Reviews State of the Art Tattoo Removal

August 17, 2009

Nuviderm Reviews, Nuviderm Tattoo Removal, Nuviderm, Trust Nuviderm, Buy Nuviderm

Nuviderm Reviews, Nuviderm Tattoo Removal, Nuviderm, Trust Nuviderm, Buy Nuviderm

Nuviderm reviews state of  the art tattoo removal.

If you are considering going to a laser tattoo removal specialist, make sure that he or she is using current laser technology like these:

  • Affinity QS-Q Switch 532nm/1064nm
  • MedLite/RevLite – Q Switch 532nm/1064nm
  • Accolade – Q Switch 755nm

The preferred choice is the Affinity QS. It emits laser light in two wavelengths. The lower 532 nm wavelength is used to remove red, orange, pink and most light ink colors.

In order to remove black, dark blue, brown, and other dark colors, your tattoo removal specialist will use the 1064 nm wavelength. If the specialist you’re considering does not have a laser capable of handling all of the ink colors in your tattoo, find one who does.

Laser Tattoo Removal Pros

  • Laser technology has improved which has boosted success rates.
  • Most laser tattoo removal specialists are well-trained in both technical and safety procedures, thereby lowering the risk of a botched job.

Laser Tattoo Removal Cons

  • Laser tattoo removal is expensive. Sessions can run $300 or more and multiple sessions are required.
  • Scarring, burning and blistering are common. The procedure is painful. Don’t let anyone fool you.
  • Infections are common

Laser Tattoo Removal Alternatives

  • Dermabrasion/Salabrasion
  • Excision
  • Tattoo Removal Creams
  • Nuviderm- (Chemical Removal)

Before deciding upon laser tattoo removal, make sure you thoroughly understand the risks as well as the alternate technologies available.


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Nuviderm Reviews – Regenerative Skin Treatment for Tattoo Removal

August 13, 2009
New Tattoo Removal Technique

New Tattoo Removal Technique

A new tattoo removal procedure developed by the Wake Forest Institute in North Carolina for Regenerative Skin Treatment was recently used by rapper Pharrell Williams. The procedure involves the patient providing a sample of his/her skin from which is grown in a laboratory  enough new skin to cover the tattooed area. Supposedly the new skin is stitched over the tattoo and does not leave any scars. Once the skin has healed, new tattoos can be done.

According to Dr. Tony Y. this sounds better than it actually is. One cannot place a skin graft over intact skin because it will just slough off if the underlying skin isn’t removed first. Dr. Y has performed skin grafts many times before (such as on burn patients) but any skin graft patient will tell you there  are always scars involved.

Dr. Y goes on to say “This whole thing sounds like a crock to me.”

Plus it probably costs more than the average person can afford to pay for a tattoo removal. That’s where Nuviderm comes in. It’s the effective and affordable method of tattoo removal.

Nuviderm reviews this new technique as still being in the test phase and if it does prove viable it will only be for rich people.


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Nuviderm Reviews Three Tattooed Guys

August 11, 2009
Three Tattooed Guys

Three Tattooed Guys

If a picture is worth a thousand words I’d love to hear the story of the tattoos on these three guys. Those guys look wild and serious about whatever it is they do, especially the one in the middle.

One good thing about that much ink on your body is no one really notices how fat and out of shape you are, they’re to busy trying to figure out what the hell it all means.

Obviously, these guys have never considered tattoo removal because they don’t suffer from an ounce of tattoo regret, they celebrate  their body art, but if you have something smaller that you would like to disappear let me make a suggestion…Nuviderm. You wouldn’t want to cover your entire body with the stuff, but it will remove tattoo ink. If you don’t consider your tattoo worth keeping we’ll help you get rid of it.

And now the Nuviderm reviews of the three tattooed guys…these days it’s sometimes tattoos that make the man, not clothes.


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