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Nuviderm Home Tattoo Removal – The Correct Method

September 29, 2009

Follow instructions for proper results- for tanning beds and tattoo removal

Follow instructions for proper results- for tanning beds and tattoo removal

OK. You’ve done your homework and you’ve reached the conclusion that Nuviderm is the right product for your tattoo removal.

You place your order, wait 4 or 5  days, and it arrives.  You tear open the package, read the instructions, and begin your treatment.

You wake up the next morning and, hey wait a minute, that tattoo is still there!?!

First thing you should do is sit down and re-read the instructions.

OK, it takes anywhere up to 8 – 12 or more treatment sessions to fade or remove your tattoo. You calm down and continue your treatment program.

That brings us to the photo of the tanning bed.

If used improperly the UV rays emitted by a simple tanning bed can have the same detrimental effects on your skin as real sunlight.  Sporadic use will not have the desired effect and to frequent use can be harsh to the skin. The same is true with Nuviderm.

It often requires 8 to 12 or even 14 treatments for large tattoos before the ink is gone or radically faded. Read the instructions. Do people really believe that a deeply embedded tattoo will just disappear without any effort? After all it was meant to be PERMANENT which would indicate that it will not be easy to remove.

Or you could change to a tattoo cream, pay hundreds more and never rid yourself of that tattoo.

Now you’ve gone through 5 or 6 treatments and you’re not satisfied for some reason. Out of luck? Nope!

We believe so much in Nuviderm that we offer a 6 month Money-Back Guarantee. You can read about it right here.

We’re serious about tattoo removal and we know you are too. As professional tattoo removal specialists, we’re thoroughly familiar with all of today’s options. We offer Nuviderm because we know it works.

Nuviderm isn’t perfect, but there are 2 alternatives to removal – very painful and much, much more expensive laser or easy to use, refreshing on the skin but basically worthless tattoo cream. We give you an effective compromise between the two.

The choice is yours…choose wisely.

But don’t take my word for it. Find out for yourself, risk free. Order today.

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Nuviderm Tattoo Removal

September 23, 2009
Tattoo removal - no reason to smile

Tattoo removal - no reason to smile

Removing a tattoo is serious business and Nuviderm is a serious tattoo removal product. Most people do not know the difficulty and determination required to rid themselves of deeply deposited tattoo pigment that can be made from plastic, vegetable coloring or mineral salts.

The fact that the ink settles in the skin at a depth approximately equal to the thickness of a nickel and becomes more deeply lodged as years pass makes the removal what it is, a large pain in the ass. Deep enough to be difficult, yet shallow enough to make it appear close enough to the surface so that it can be removed with relative ease and lack of discomfort. Unfortunately there is no way to remove a tattoo without a bit of determination and discomfort.

But con artists exist, as they always have, and they will say anything to make money.

Some tattoo removal products promise that simply by rubbing a cream or gel on the tattoo once or twice a day for several months you can easily fade or remove the ink as long as you pay them $75 to $100 per month for the duration of the treatment. Any such claims are, frankly, BS. If these companies could produce such results they would have medical studies backing up their claims,  and believe me you would know about them, but there are no such medical studies because these products do not do anything but enrich the companies promoting these products. They fade skin pigment and nothing else – not tattoo pigment.

Removal creams will not remove the ink because they don’t and can’t penetrate deep enough AND skin pigment fade products, which is their primary ingredient,  are totally ineffective on tattoo pigment. Something that can fade a freckle will have ZERO effect on plastic, vegetable coloring or metal salts…it ain’t gonna happen. Let common sense be your guide…if it sounds to good, to easy, then it probably isn’t true.

To remove a tattoo requires either a laser, ipl (intense pulsed light), dermabrasion, salabrasion, surgery, Rejuvi or similar tattoo injected material, or a TCA based product like Nuviderm.

In our opinion Nuviderm is the best option if you can’t afford laser.


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Tattoo Removal Creams and Gels Vs. K-Y Jelly

September 18, 2009

Tom Leppard, formerly the worlds most tattooed man. He's from Scotland, not Mars.

Tom Leppard, formerly the worlds most tattooed man. He's from Scotland, not Mars.

There is no easy way to remove a tattoo regardless of what some tattoo removal product companies would have you believe. Rubbing cream on your tattoo once or twice a  day sounds good, but it’s no more effective at tattoo removal than K-Y Jelly.

Luckily the human leopard pictured above doesn’t have to worry about tattoo removal, he’s happy as a clam just the way he is. His name is  Tim Leppard and he is the former Guiness Book of Records holder for the worlds most tattooed man with 99.2% of his body tattooed. His face is the .8% that is not tattooed so that means that certain part of the male anatomy must be tattooed which also  makes him  crazy. Looking at him and calling him crazy seems slightly redundant. Apparently he feels he owes the look to the family name.

Back on topic…

Tattoo pigments have come a long way in the last few years and they are now more fade resistant, not to mention more difficult to remove than ever before. Unfortunately the tattoo removal industry has not quite kept up with the installation side of the industry. There has been talk of an easily removed ink via 1 laser visit for a few years now, but if it’s available no one seems t0 be using it.

Some people feel if you get a tattoo with the intention of removing it you might as well use temporary tattoos from the beginning and save yourself the trouble of a tattoo removal procedure sometime down the road.

If you’ve decide at some point to go through the tattoo removal process, don’t be surprised at how difficult it is to remove compared to the hype put out  by the tattoo removal cream industry as a whole. Slick marketing has moved from Madison Avenue to the internet without skipping a beat. They can say whatever they want on the internet and who is going to stop them, Google?  That would be like a dung beetle asking an elephant not to take a crap. Sorry for the crude analogy, but I’m cranky from working to many hours.

Tattoo Removal Solutions

The best solution to tattoo removal is to not get one in the first place. Lasers are good, but they do hurt a bit. Nine hundred degree skin temperatures generated by lasers is bound to sting. Using a cosmetic acid based tattoo removal product, like Nuviderm, is far preferable, especially when you factor in price.

In addition to being safe and inexpensive, products like Nuviderm are the only ones that can be reliably used by the home tattoo removal crowd who want to avoid getting de-inked by laser because of the cost or pain related to that type of tattoo removal.

If it’s time to lose your tattoo, Nuviderm tattoo removal should be your  choice. Every tattoo removal product that actually removes tattoo pigment has it’s critics. Everyone has their preference for whatever reason, but Nuviderm works and is backed by a very long guarantee – 6 months.

This Nuviderm tattoo removal review gets 2 thumbs up because it’s telling you the truth and needles the tattoo removal cream industry and Google in one blog entry. They are both getting rich at your expense. At least Google actually works so I should cut them some slack. The other target of my scorn doesn’t work, no slack given here.

Try Nuviderm, it’s guaranteed because it works and it works because it was invented by Doctors. Creams and gels were invented by the K-Y Jelly folks and we all know what that’s for, and it ain’t tattoo removal.

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Surgical Tattoo Removal

September 17, 2009
Scalpel used in Surgical Tattoo Removal - Excision

Scalpel used in Surgical Tattoo Removal - Excision

Surgically removing a tattoo is called excision and is performed in a hospital or on an outpatient basis in your Doctor’s office.

It requires anesthesia,  local for small tattoos, or they completely knock you out  for a large tattoo so they can cut away the regretted area without pain, until you wake up, that is. If the tattoo is small they can pull the edges together and stitch the wound closed. For a large area they would place a skin graft using skin harvested from somewhere else on your body or they could use skin grown in a test tube from your own skin as “seed” material. This is the method used recently on a well known rapper.

The only positives from this approach is it usually requires just one visit for a small tattoo and it is done by a Medical Doctor.

The negatives are it leaves a scar and  larger tattoos can require several visits and it can be very expensive.

A good alternative to excision would be laser. If laser is out of the question then Nuviderm tattoo removal is a nice alternative. It’s inexpensive and it does work, as proven in 2 independent medical studies.


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Nuviderm Fade and Tattoo Removal : Lesson 1

September 15, 2009
Nuviderm Fade and Tattoo Removal says do your homework

Nuviderm Fade and Tattoo Removal says do your homework

We are always getting mail from people asking questions about Nuviderm tattoo removal – specific questions about the removal process, advice on use of Nuviderm during pregnancy, while breast feeding, best time to begin a removal, or the minimum age of a tattoo before using Nuviderm tattoo remover.
This morning we received a question about removing natural skin pigment forming a birthmark and using Nuviderm to remove it.

Here is the question:


I have a birthmark on which I have already tried laser in an attempt at removal. Will Nuviderm work on my birthmark?

Thank you,




TCA, the active ingredient in Nuviderm is used every day by Cosmetic Surgeons and Dermatologists to remove fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, remove or reduce acne scars and some birth marks. Since we don’t know the specifics of your birthmark pigmentation we suggest you contact a Dermatologist for professional advice on using TCA for your specific situation.
There may be a skin fade cream that might help. Fade creams inhibit or stop melanin production and may work for you in this instance. Fade creams have their place, but as tattoo removal agents they do not and cannot reach the dermis layer of skin where the tattoo pigment resides. This is something else you may consult a Physician about.

Nuviderm Customer Service


The reasons for blogging about this are:

1). We always give straight, no B.S. answers to our customers or potential customers. Most of our competitors would not have responded and the remainder would have tried to make a sale without knowing all the facts about the birthmark. We make referrals all the time when we think there might be a better way or if more information is required to make an informed decision.

2). We suggested that possibly a skin fade cream might work, but to also consult with her physician about this before proceeding because of the many different types of birthmarks. Some would be unaffected by melanin inhibiting chemicals used in skin fade creams just as tattoo pigment us unaffected by skin fade creams claiming to be tattoo removal creams.

When researching tattoo removal don’t fall for all the hype on the internet about all the different products available.  Laser works, IPL works, Nuviderm works and is the affordable, effective alternative to laser. Dermabrasion  and  Salabrasion also work but are very slow, painful and will definitely leave a scar. So called tattoo removal creams and gels DO NOT WORK! They fade skin pigment, not tattoo pigment.

For cost effective results backed by a 6 month guarantee use Nuviderm. It is the only Doctor tested and approved Home Tattoo Removal product on the market.

Try Nuviderm, it works.

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Nuviderm At Home Tattoo Removal: Fade Cream Review

September 14, 2009

Tattoo removal creams contain chemicals that are typically used to treat uneven facial pigment, age spots and other skin pigment problems. According to this site, which duplicates the ingredients found in  this product it is also used to lighten more intimate areas of the body that we didn’t know needed fading. Skin fade products mild enough to fade sex organs do not have the ability to fade or remove tattoo ink which is much deeper than skin pigment. People have used these creams and gels, many of which contain Hydroquinone, in an attempt to fade tattoos, but they have wasted both their time and their money.

Tattoo Removal Creams/Gels –  Pros

  • None

Tattoo Removal Creams/Gels –  Cons

  • Many of these products contain Hydroquinone which is believed to be carcinogenic. Use of this chemical has been banned in many European and Asian countries.
  • Some Hydroquinone-based creams are available in the U.S. by prescription only.
  • Long-term use of hydroquinone  for tattoo removal in not recommended.
  • The newly developed tattoo removal creams and gels do absolutely nothing unless used in conjunction with dermabrasion and dermabrasion doesn’t need a cream to work. It is an entirely different method of tattoo removal.

Tattoo Removal Alternatives

  • Laser Tattoo Removal
  • Dermabrasion/Salabrasion – again, dermabrasion is its own tattoo removal method – no cream/gel necessary
  • Excision
  • Nuviderm (TCA-based Chemical Removal)

Before deciding to use a tattoo removal cream, make sure you thoroughly understand the risks as well as the alternate technologies available. Understanding what works and what doesn’t work will prevent wasted time and money and in times like these you want to make sure you are not spending money on a product that promises more than it can possibly deliver.

Nuviderm is proven to remove tattoo pigment in two independent medical studies. If there was such a study for any cream the manufacturers of  the cream would be promoting the study on their websites and sales literature.

Try Nuviderm.

Nuviderm works.

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Nuviderm Reviews – Radio Frequency Identification Tattoo Ink

September 11, 2009
A tattoo removal necessity - tattoo ink capable of radio transmission

A tattoo removal necessity - tattoo ink capable of radio transmission

While we’ve all been sleeping, Big Brother, also known as Somark Innovations has developed a biocompatible tattoo ink capable of Radio Frequency transmissions. Currently this new ink is capable of transmitting limited amounts of information up to 4 feet away. The ink is invisible or colored, doesn’t contain any metals, is chemically inert and 100% biocompatible. It is not known if this product can be removed using standard tattoo removal practices such as laser tattoo removal or Nuviderm tattoo removal.

The process involves a geometric array of micro-needles and reusable applicator with a one time use capsule. It takes about 10 seconds to apply to the dermis, or second layer of skin, where it will reside for the life of the individual human or animal.

Currently, it is being marketed for use on farm animals to be used instead of branding or ear tagging and can track the animal as it moves through the food chain to your grill making it easier to backtrack cases of mad cow disease or identify stolen cattle. It will also be available for pets so they can be more easily reunited with their owners should they become lost and picked up by the local pound or animal rescue group.

It is currently being considered for military personnel because as the technology develops and the tracking distance increases the ink could be used to track and rescue combat troops. It could help identify friends or foes, prevent friendly fire mishaps and help save soldiers lives.

Big Brother will love this stuff.

I can just see local, state and federal governments getting their hands on a more  fully developed version of this radio transmitting tattoo ink at some time in the future when the transmission distance  has increased to, oh, let’s say a mile or more. Future generations might be tattooed at birth and  tracked by the powers that be until the day they die. Wives could track husbands and parents could track their teenage kids whenever they wanted.

Just in case that happens you need to buy a few bottles of  Nuviderm tattoo removal now to pass down to your grand kids. They’ll appreciate it and so will we.  ; )

Nuviderm works!

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Tattoo Removal – Managing Expectations

September 10, 2009

Tattoo removal reality tortoise vs. Tattoo removal expectations hare

Tattoo removal reality tortoise vs. Tattoo removal expectations hare

If you’re looking for a one-visit solution to tattoo removal you need to adjust to the reality of a longer term tattoo removal process. Expectations of easy tattoo removal often leads to giving up without really trying.  Cold steel surgery, which involves removing the tattoo using a scalpel to physically cut it out of your arm, leg, chest, breast or wherever it’s located, is the only way to wake up with a tattoo and go to bed at the end of the day without one.

But what if the idea of having local anesthesia injected into some sensitive part of your body with a hypodermic needle, followed by someone slicing and cutting through multiple layers of skin with a sharp object bothers you? You have a safe and mostly painless alternative.

Nuviderm, the chemical-based liquid is formulated from the same substance that is currently used to treat acne scars and to perform beautifying face peels every day.

But while Nuviderm will remove or severely fade your tattoo, regardless of the colored pigments used, it doesn’t happen overnight.

When you received your tattoo the ink was injected into the second layer of skin, that’s what makes it permanent. You must first peel through the 1st layer of skin which takes 3 to 5 treatment cycles with each cycle lasting for 3 to 6 weeks.

Once you have peeled through the 1st layer you will begin peeling out the ink in the second layer of skin one thin layer at a time until the tattoo has faded enough for a cover up or is completely gone. The entire process usually takes several months. There is no fast way to remove a tattoo, even Laser removal takes several months.

Dermal abrasion and most other solutions take just as long, or longer, and come with far too many risks (and pain) to suit most people.

Best of all, with Nuviderm, you can do it all yourself! Each order comes with complete and easy-to-understand instructions. And no matter how thoroughly you search through the package, you won’t find any sharp objects!

Check out Nuviderm. It’s rapidly becoming the preferred solution to removing tattoos.

Have more questions about tattoo removal expectations? Find the answers here.

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Nuviderm Tattoo Removal vs. Laser

September 9, 2009
A Nuviderm Faded Tattoo Compared to a Laser Faded Tattoo

A Nuviderm Faded Tattoo Compared to a Laser Faded Tattoo

Today’s blog records an individuals 7th laser tattoo removal treatment using her own words and photographs to describe what it’s like to undergo laser treatment for the removal of  a tattoo.

We begin the story on the day of the 7th session with a photo of the tattoo after 6 previous laser treatments followed by comments and photos of the tattoo after the seventh session.

The reason for showing a laser removal on a blog that advocates the removal of tattoos with Nuviderm TCA is for the purpose of comparison. A laser beam creates a severe burn, reaching temperatures up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit in the dermis and surrounding tissue, not a pleasant feeling. It literally creates a micro explosion when the laser beam strikes the tattoo pigment. That’s why, as you read the story below, the young lady is concerned that the topical pain killer applied before the procedure has not had enough time to fully deaden the skin before the procedure begins.

By comparison, Nuviderm gradually peels thin layers of skin beginning with the epidermis, or top layer of skin, down to the dermis, or second layer of skin, where the ink pigment resides. It doesn’t involve the pain of laser removal and it is certainly far cheaper. A one ounce bottle of Nuviderm has the ink removing power of $750 – $1000.00 or more of laser treatments and costs $39.95. Nuviderm can sometimes blister the skin and itch like crazy as the skin peels away, but that is nothing compared to what you are about see and read in the story below.

Laser is the high tech way of removing a tattoo so people naturally assume the high cost means it’s better, safer, less painful, less likely to leave a scar and more likely to work. Well, on all counts the preceding statement is wrong because, as we all know, sometimes the best way to get something done is also the simplest and least expensive.

“On Friday at 5pm I had my seventh tattoo removal appointment. I was a little nervous because the numbing cream had not been on my skin for as long as usual. She was extra punctual this time and I had been counting on those extra 15 – 20 minutes in the waiting room. Sure enough, it hurt a lot more this time than last time. Above is my first tattoo, which I got in 1993. I have never been happy with it. I always had a different vision for it and it never looked like I wanted it to. My dislike for this tattoo is what initiated my reconsideration of having any tattoos at all. This is how it looked on Friday during my lunch break, a few hours before the seventh treatment”.“This is Friday night. After the laser, the tattoo gets a thick coat of triple antibiotic ointment, then a cold pack, then a wrap. This photo was taken at home after the ice pack melted. The ankle tattoo always blisters pretty badly. I think its the location. None of the other tattoos blister like that and I am quite thankful. It’s really nasty and sensitive. This photo was taken just when I was going to remove the wrap and noticed some ooze. I figured you’d want to see it, so…

“This is how it looked Saturday. Know what I did on Saturday? Worked. Eight hours of overtime. It was actually kind of fun because the guy I share an office with wasn’t there so Alex let me borrow his small speakers and I played music all day. It was kind of great. I got a lot done.”

“The next tattoo photo is pretty gross, so to lessen the impact, please take a few moments to view this photo of Porro from this morning. I was sitting on the edge of the bed, ready to apply some ointment to the tattoos, and I noticed him next to me having a bath. He paused momentarily to allow me a photo. See how sweet?”

“This is the gross photo! That’s a large-ish blister in the center and it is surrounded by smaller, less threatening blisters. I say the center blister is large-ish because you haven’t seen what they looked like before! I hope to post photos of the earlier treatments to track progress but I have to first organize the photos on my computer. Yes, they were big and nasty. This is still how it looks right now, approximately 53 hours after the treatment. The blisters will gradually go down and the outer layer of skin gets dry and rough. Then it peels off, revealing a fresh faded tattoo. I’ll post more photos in a week or so. Ready…set…go!”


Nuviderm Review from a satisfied customer :I appreciate it so much. I didn’t have to do anything …I wrote, and Nuviderm all did the rest!! You have

Camber L.

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Laser Tattoo Removal Credit-Original Post

Nuviderm Tattoo Removal Process

September 8, 2009
Medical study proves active ingredients in Nuviderm effective at removing tattoos

Medical study proves active ingredients in Nuviderm effective at removing tattoos

The Nuviderm tattoo removal process was developed as the result of a six year study by two English Plastic Surgeons looking for a safer, effective and more affordable alternative to painful and expensive tattoo removal techniques in use during the time period from the end of World War II and the mid 1970’s.

After observing the results of 670 male and female study participants, the doctors determined that the active ingredient in Nuviderm represented that safe and effective alternative they were seeking.

Over time Nuviderm removes thin layers of the epidermis until it reaches the dermis ( 2nd layer of skin) where the tattoo pigment was deposited and slowly begins to remove the ink. It continues working on that layer until the tattoo is either completely removed or significantly faded.

Chemically removing layers of skin is a common and accepted practice used for facial peels, treating skin scars and other blemishes. This is commonly accepted science and it is so safe that you can do it yourself.

You can expect to need 6 – 10 treatment cycles with each cycle lasting 3 to 6 weeks. This compares favorably to painful laser tattoo removal procedures requiring several treatments over multiple 6 to 8 week treatment cycles.

Each order of Nuviderm also contains complete and easy-to-follow usage instructions so you can immediately begin the process.


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