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Nuviderm Tattoo Removal – Useful Tips

January 5, 2010
Nuviderm tattoo removal helpful_tips banner

Nuviderm tattoo removal helpful tips

Nuviderm Tattoo Removal is a liquid concentrate of a tattoo removal product that must be diluted, it should not be used straight out of the bottle. With each purchase is a precise set of instructions that explains the dilution process and how to tell when you have found the proper strength for you skin type.

Since Nuviderm home tattoo removal is a liquid it can drip or run from the area of the tattoo once it has been applied to the skin. One way to prevent “runners” is to apply a “barrier” around the area to be treated using a product such as Vaseline or any other skin lotion that covers the skin and will have a repelling effect so that any runners do not come in to contact with the skin.

Here’s an example. Say you have a tattoo on your arm between your elbow and your shoulder and you are sitting or standing when you apply Nuviderm to the tattoo you want to remove. There is a good chance the Nuviderm solution you apply will try to run down your arm. To prevent the Nuviderm solution from coming into contact with skin below the tattoo, apply the Vaseline or skin lotion below the tattoo in about a 2 inch wide swath which will protect the skin and prevent it from being affected in the removal process.

If you are removing a tattoo on your back or other location that requires that you lay on the floor or a bed while someone else applies the Nuviderm solution, have them completely encircle the tattoo with the Vaseline or lotion making sure they stay at least a quarter inch outside the area to be treated. If the Vaseline or lotion gets into the area to be treated it will prevent Nuviderm from having the desired effect on the tattoo, so be careful when applying the barrier coat.

Once the Nuviderm has had the desired effect as described in the directions, apply a previously mixed solution of baking soda and water to the treated area to instantly neutralize the Nuviderm solution. The baking soda solution should not be so thick that it is difficult to apply, but not so thin that it runs off the treated area, it needs to stay where you place it. Leave the mixture on for 2 or 3 minutes and rinse or wipe off. The baking soda mixture will be very soothing and ensure an even depth for the tattoo removal treatment.

Nuviderm is a cosmetic acid used hundreds of times every day by Doctors, health spas and individuals for various cosmetic reasons. It is also used to remove warts, stretch marks and other medically related treatments, sometimes in a Doctors office and sometimes as an at home remedy.

Even though the active ingredient in Nuviderm does not require a prescription it is always prudent to read and follow instructions carefully. If the instructions are not clear and easy  to understand, call or email for clarification. Any product powerful enough to remove tattoo ink should be taken seriously.

Nuviderm works and has a 92% satisfaction rate and a tattoo removal cost that is one of the lowest of all tattoo removal options. It has a track record and can be trusted to issue a refund to anyone dissatisfied with the product for whatever reason as long as they follow the easy to read and understand  refund instructions listed under the Guarantee tab of the website navigation links.

Trust Nuviderm – it works.


Nuviderm Home Tattoo Removal – The Correct Method

September 29, 2009

Follow instructions for proper results- for tanning beds and tattoo removal

Follow instructions for proper results- for tanning beds and tattoo removal

OK. You’ve done your homework and you’ve reached the conclusion that Nuviderm is the right product for your tattoo removal.

You place your order, wait 4 or 5  days, and it arrives.  You tear open the package, read the instructions, and begin your treatment.

You wake up the next morning and, hey wait a minute, that tattoo is still there!?!

First thing you should do is sit down and re-read the instructions.

OK, it takes anywhere up to 8 – 12 or more treatment sessions to fade or remove your tattoo. You calm down and continue your treatment program.

That brings us to the photo of the tanning bed.

If used improperly the UV rays emitted by a simple tanning bed can have the same detrimental effects on your skin as real sunlight.  Sporadic use will not have the desired effect and to frequent use can be harsh to the skin. The same is true with Nuviderm.

It often requires 8 to 12 or even 14 treatments for large tattoos before the ink is gone or radically faded. Read the instructions. Do people really believe that a deeply embedded tattoo will just disappear without any effort? After all it was meant to be PERMANENT which would indicate that it will not be easy to remove.

Or you could change to a tattoo cream, pay hundreds more and never rid yourself of that tattoo.

Now you’ve gone through 5 or 6 treatments and you’re not satisfied for some reason. Out of luck? Nope!

We believe so much in Nuviderm that we offer a 6 month Money-Back Guarantee. You can read about it right here.

We’re serious about tattoo removal and we know you are too. As professional tattoo removal specialists, we’re thoroughly familiar with all of today’s options. We offer Nuviderm because we know it works.

Nuviderm isn’t perfect, but there are 2 alternatives to removal – very painful and much, much more expensive laser or easy to use, refreshing on the skin but basically worthless tattoo cream. We give you an effective compromise between the two.

The choice is yours…choose wisely.

But don’t take my word for it. Find out for yourself, risk free. Order today.

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Nuviderm Removal of a Tattoo

August 28, 2009
Removal of a tattoo should not be done with a hot iron

Removal of a tattoo should not be done with a hot iron

How many time do I have to say this?

  • Nuviderm is made from a product that has been medically tested and proven to remove tattoos…30 years ago!!
  • It’s what they used to remove tattoos before some guy invented the laser.
  • Nuviderm may be the old way to remove tattoos, but it’s also a hell of a lot cheaper – same result, way, way lower price – what’s not to like?
  • Lasers are inconvenient – you have to go to them.
  • Nuviderm comes to you and you have complete control over where and when.
  • It takes just about as long to remove a tattoo with Nuviderm as it does a laser, but at about 4% of the cost.
  • What you do with the money you save is your business.
  • Like laser removal there are certain procedures that must be followed when using Nuviderm.
  • Each purchase of Nuviderm comes with a little instruction booklet that explains everything you need to know.
  • It takes about the same amount of time to remove a tattoo with Nuviderm as it does with a laser, but with a heck of a lot less burning.
  • Lasers remove tattoos.
  • Nuviderm removes tattoos.
  • A one ounce bottle of Nuviderm tattoo removal concentrate contains about the same tattoo pigment removal power of about $1000.00 of laser treatments.
  • Nuviderm works.
  • This Nuviderm review of itself recommends that you buy Nuviderm and skip the high priced brand.
  • Don’t get me started on tattoo removal creams – they don’t work.
  • Buy Nuviderm.
  • The End


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Nuviderm Tattoo Remover, Laser and You

August 24, 2009

When getting a tattoo some people don’t understand that they are doing something that will be a permanent addition to  their body. It could be a long planned addition, something done on the spur of the moment,( like after a few to many drinks), or due to peer pressure from your devoted friends.

What ever the reason, it’s there for good, or at least until you decide to get rid of it and that’s when you find out how the word permanent applies to a tattoo. It means it damned hard to remove the thing. That once cherished piece of body art is deep in the skin, flesh actually, and won’t be budged without a fight.

Tattoos are very territorial, like your neighbors’ pit bull, it doesn’t want any thing invading its space and it can put up a pretty nasty fight to hold its ground.

Using sweet talk and a handful of tattoo fade cream won’t work any better than sweet talk and dog biscuit will get that bulldog to keep from biting the crap out of you just because your intentions are good and you’re a nice person. To the bulldog and the tattoo you’re the  trespasser, a stranger to be dealt with harshly if necessary.

Give that dog a biscuit every day and he’ll gladly eat it,  he may even pretend to be lulled into a passive state, but hop the fence and he’ll still bite the crap out of you. That’s sort of the way a tattoo removal/gel works. It fades the skin pigment above the tattoo and you think “wow, this stuff really works!”.

Three months and $250.00 later (the bite) you’ve got a light spot on your skin and the tattoo is still staring up at you, unchanged, unmoved and unimpressed. But, the good thing is your skin is totally unaffected – soft, smooth and unscarred. Unfortunately most tattoo removal cream companies, like pitbulls,  offer no refunds – a total waste money and dog biscuits.

To get rid of the dog and the tattoo you’ve got to get rough, there is no way around it. No matter how hard you wish, how many coins you toss in the local fountain, that tattoo ain’t goin nowhere until you start cooking (laser) or peeling (Nuviderm).

The ink is there and it must be forcibly removed and in the process your skin will be heated, blistered, made dry and flaky, possibly blistered, maybe hurt like hell, possibly scar and for all this you get to pay several hundred, maybe a thousand or two dollars. It’s call laser tattoo removal.

…Or you can forcibly remove that tattoo and in the process your skin may slightly and temporarily burn, made dry and flaky, possibly itch, maybe scab and if you don’t follow directions it could possibly leave a scar all for less than $40.00 for a 3″x3″ tattoo. It’s called Nuviderm.

One ounce of Nuviderm has the ink removing power of up to $1000.00 of  laser treatments. If  you can’t handle Nuviderm you sure as heck can’t handle laser.

To continue with the dog analogy, Nuviderm is like a Lab – it’ll treat you right as long as you read and follow instructions and don’t abuse its tattoo removal power, dilute the concentrate before using, it’s in the instructions. Laser is like a bulldog on a chain, straining to bust lose and attack in the only way it knows – with a ferocity you will not like.


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Tattoo Fade Creams – Don’t be a Sucker

August 21, 2009
Tattoo Fade Creams are Do Not Work

Tattoo Fade Creams Do Not Work

I’ve written several posts about the deceptive nature of Tattoo Cream Removers and the way they advertise their products and then don’t back up their claims with a decent guarantee or in some cases no guarantee at all.

The premise behind tattoo fade creams is they are supposed to fade a tattoo simply by rubbing a cream over the tattooed area once or twice a day and after a few months your tattoo will be nothing but a memory. Well, I call BS on that claim and today I have more evidence that those claims are indeed false.

First we need to cover a bit of old ground to remind our readers how a tattoo fade cream works. Simply put, a tattoo fade cream whether it contain Hydroquinone, Alpha Arbutin, Kojic Acid or any other skin pigment inhibitor, limits or stops the production of skin pigment. When rubbed on the skin above a tattoo it fades the skin in the first layer of skin known as the epidermis and cannot penetrate any deeper. To the unenlightened, all tattoos are located in the second layer of skin known as the dermis. So while you may think your tattoo is fading it is just the skin pigment directly above the tattoo that is fading – not the tattoo pigment itself.

Well, now we have a skin fade product manufacturer in England who has admitted  to that very fact.  Skinlight  ( )   a manufacturer of a skin fade cream called Meladerm (no relation to Nuviderm) states as a matter of fact on their website that skin fade creams do not and cannot penetrate beyond the first layer of skin into the second layer of skin where the tattoo pigment is located. They’ve blown the cover of the American companies claiming otherwise and Skinlight is made of the same basic ingredients as the newest and most advanced tattoo removal creams sold in the United States.

Here is the telling paragraph :

Does Meladerm® work on all kinds of hyperpigmentation?

“Hyperpigmentation can occur on many different layers of the skin. Though typically epidermal, hyperpigmentation can occasionally be dermal. Dermal pigmentation occurs underneath the skin where as epidermal is actually on the skin. In the case of dermal pigmentation, topical creams can not penetrate below the epidermis to alleviate the problem. Normally, the melanocytes are located in the basal layer of the epidermis and an increase in number or activity will cause epidermal hyperpigmentation. However, formed melanin may be transferred to the dermis or, in some cases, dermal melanocytes are present.”

So, there it is. Tattoo pigment is considered dermal pigmentation and unreachable by any known tattoo fade cream.  For those of you considering buying a tattoo removal fade cream you need to understand that you are about to be taken for a ride that ends with a thinner wallet and a fully intact  tattoo.

Products such as Wreckingbalm, which includes a small battery operated sander to be used in conjunction with their cream and Tatmed,  which advises their customers to buy an exfoliation pad to aid in the tattoo removal.  These two products rely  on exfoliation as the method of tattoo removal, not the creams, but it’s the monthly purchase of the creams by their customers that make them money.

Maybe one day soon there will be a cream that removes tattoo pigment, but that product does not currently exist.

Laser, ipl, Rejuvi and do it yourself tattoo removal products like Nuviderm are the only medically proven methods of tattoo removal on the market today.

Buy Nuviderm, it works and has been used successfully by thousands. Just be sure to  follow the easy to use instructions, they were written for a reason.


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Nuviderm Tattoo Remover – Just Follow the Instructions

August 19, 2009
Nuviderm tattoo removal works,  take the time to read the instructions.

Nuviderm tattoo removal works, take the time to read the instructions.

As Americans we naturally have an independent streak. The King of England  found that out when he kept raising taxes and we finally got tired of his BS and decided to live by the words “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death”. We all know how that ended – the Brits mainly got the Death end of the stick and we won our liberty.

What, you may be thinking, does this have to do with Nuviderm tattoo removal? It has to do with independence of thought and deed and “no one is telling me what to do!” and thinking we can do things without reading instructions.

Instructions? We don’t need no stinking instructions!!

I know, I know…nobody reads instructions Christmas morning when putting together little Johnnies’ bicycle with dual handbrakes and solar powered taillight or little Susie’s 400 piece three story Doll House with fake smoke chimney. But, be honest and tell us how many pieces are left over that you have no idea where they go or what they do? We can all relate because we all do it.


Sorry to break the news,  there are some things that require a careful reading of  instructions. At home tattoo removal would rate high on the list of things that would require a thorough understanding of the procedure by reading the instructions…more than once. You always miss something the first go round, so read ’em again. If that’s not enough call or send an email to

We have to many customers in “Christmas Morning Mode”. They’re all excited, they open the box, glance at the instructions, think aaahhh, I don’t need this and proceed to screwup.

Nuviderm tattoo removal is a specific procedure that needs to be followed to ensure the best possible chance of success. It’s not rocket surgery, or brain science ; ) but there’s  a right way and a wrong way to use our product.

Just read and follow instructions – you’ll be glad you did because Nuviderm works.


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